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Pornography or not? The film of Dutch researcher stirred a heated debate . What do you think?

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A movie by dutch doctor Pek Van Andel, laureated IgNobel Prize (parodied version of the real Nobel prizes) for this achievement, has managed to reignite an old debate: “What means porn?”. Dr. Van Andel film show sexual organs of a couple in full action.
This images are captured in video format using nuclear magnetic resonance.The subject has ignited the spirit of debate both legally and morally.
In the short time it has circulated on the Internet, over one million people have watched the movie in question. Many of them have struggled to understand the strange shapes and movements that appeared on the monitor.
Some have not hesitated to express confusion. “I need some time to realize what I watch. I thought that breast man is his penis,” wrote one of those who watched videos on YouTube.
Van Andel has made this film in the late 90s, but kept silent on it for almost 10 years. Dutch doctor planned and conducted the whole project at the Hospital of Groningen, Netherlands. Together with three other colleagues published in 1999, a monograph of the project in the British Medical Journal. Two of the teammates of Dr. Pek Van Andel (Ida Sabelis and Edward Mooyaart) have volunteered to have sex in the MRI tube. They added a few couples who have contributed thus to a more in depth knowledge, both literally and figuratively, of intercourse.

Almost an illustrious unknown, Van Andel called an MRI technician to gather all still images and assemble them into a movie. Result, the biggest challenge of the 21st century assumptions on pornography.
A year later, the whole team was awarded Ig Nobel Prize (No: Ignobel Prize – prize not noble) – burlesque version of the Nobel Prize awarded for research that apparently have no sense.


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September 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm

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