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10 footballers executed in Colombia!!!

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Ten players from the amateurs Los Maniceros, a team from Colombia, were executed by ELN Marxist group, the reason being, apparently, their refusal to join the terrorist organization!

Los Maniceros, the name of the team comes from the main occupation of those who formed it, that they are nuts sellers. Players had been kidnapped two weeks ago, during a game. Their bodies were found Saturday in Venezuela. All the victims were young, their refusal to cooperate with the guerrillas bringing their death.

One survivor

Ten of the eleven were executed and their bodies were dumped in several places. Just one of those abducted survived miraculously, kid of 18 years was immediately taken to hospital. Even if data are not yet confirmed, authorities said they responsible for these crimes is a Marxist organization, ELN (National Liberation Army), known for its guerrilla actions and entered the U.S. and the EU list of terrorist organizations. Although ELN is less famous than “sister” FARC, another leftist guerrilla group in Colombia, it is as feared by civilians who have suffered the most.


Written by allsporthighlights

October 26, 2009 at 10:35 am

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